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Wintergreen Resort

Wintergreen Real Estate Firms Combine
Affiliate of Resort Operator Merges Top Two Firms in Wintergreen Resort Market

NELLYSFORD, VA – Wintergreen Real Estate Company, the largest real estate broker in the Wintergreen market, has been acquired by Resort Asset Holdings LLC, a real estate affiliate of Pacific Group Resorts, Inc. (PGRI,) the operator of Wintergreen Resort. Park City, Utah based PGRI also co-owns Wintergreen Resort Premier Properties with Roy Wheeler Realty of Charlottesville and plans to combine the two brokerages into one firm.

The agents and staff of both brokerages will continue to be part of the combined company going forward. According to Michael Guthrie, president of Roy Wheeler, “This is two great companies partnering together to provide the Wintergreen Resort community with the best in real estate service.”

Tim Hess, the Managing Partner of Wintergreen Real Estate Company, and of High Country Associates, the firm that developed most of Wintergreen, explained the combined efforts will enable the resort to market the community in a larger geographic area. “Pacific Group has a strong real estate development and operations background, and we are excited to work with them on their vision of making Wintergreen Resort one of the truly premier resort communities on the East Coast,” noted Hess.

Doug Anderson, Chairman of Resort Asset Holdings, outlined the rationale for buying a second real estate brokerage at Wintergreen saying, “There are a couple reasons for our increased focus on the real estate at Wintergreen. We believe we are at, or near, a turning point for that market, and if that’s the case we’d like to have as large a presence as we can get on the brokerage side. We also see a coming generational turnover in the ownership of the properties at the resort. Many of the original owners are now in their late 70’s and early 80’s, and that is often a time when people sell resort oriented real estate. We’d like to be helpful in that transition and to help the new buyers get the most out of their experience at Wintergreen.”

The acquisition and combination of the two brokerages will continue the legacy of the founding developers that built Wintergreen with over $1.4 billion in real estate sales by incorporating on-site activities such as golf, skiing, and tennis with resort amenities such as restaurants, shopping, and spa services. Membership in the Wintergreen Club has also been an important part of the amenities program.

Hess expressed his thoughts on the transition, and the almost forty years his firm has been doing business at Wintergreen, “We appreciate the trust and support we have enjoyed in the past from our customers, and we look forward to serving the real estate needs of our clients in the same professional manner. We feel we created strong brand equity in the Wintergreen Real Estate name, and we are quite pleased someone with Pacific Group’s real estate experience saw the value in it.”

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Park City, Utah based Pacific Group Resorts, Inc. (PGRI) operates Wintergreen Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Wisp Resort in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland, Ragged Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Resort Asset Holdings, LLC is an affiliate of PGRI that does real estate development and real estate brokerage. PGRI is associated with Pacific Group U.S. through partial common ownership.

Pacific Group U.S. is an affiliate of Pacific Group Resorts, Inc. primarily focusing on real estate development and the ownership and management of commercial buildings and industrial parks through its subsidiary Pacific Commercial Properties. Pacific Group has extensive experience in construction, master planning, and real estate sales over the past 25 years. Resort real estate experience includes involvement with the building of the base villages at Copper Mountain in Colorado, Solitude Resort in Utah, and Mammoth Resort in California.

Wintergreen is an 11,000 acre resort community situated atop the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia adjacent to the Shenandoah National Park and Shenandoah National Forest. The community is comprised of over 80% open space in which the Wintergreen Nature Foundation maintains over 35 miles of marked trails thoughtfully accessible by guests and by residents of the approximately 1,000 single family homes and 2,700 townhomes and condominiums in the community.

Wintergreen is comprised of the community at the top of the mountain and an adjunct portion of Wintergreen in the Rockfish Valley near Nellysford, Virginia known as Stoney Creek. Amenities are rich at both locations. The top of the mountain features 18 holes of golf, the 4-star Devils Grill restaurant, extensive indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, and the fitness center and pools of the Wintergarden aquatics center which are reserved for members in the Wintergreen Club and guests in the lodging options offered by Wintergreen Resort. The public amenities on the mountain are anchored by the Wintergreen Ski Resort, Wintergarden Spa, and a variety of dining and shopping options, plus Discovery Ridge Adventure Center with a ZipLine, tubing (summer and winter,) a climbing wall, and an arcade.

The amenities in Stoney Creek include a clubhouse, 27 holes of golf, clay tennis courts, pool, fitness center, and Lake Monocan with beach and water activities. Golf and the restaurant in the clubhouse at Stoney Creek are open to the public. Membership in the Wintergreen Club is open to property owners on the mountain and in Stoney Creek.

In addition to hosting families for vacations year round, Wintergreen Resort is also a favorite destination for meetings and conferences, hosting hundreds of events each year for government, corporate, medical, and educational entities. The location at the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains affords spectacular views of the surrounding ridgelines and valleys, making it a favorite site for dozens of weddings each summer and fall.

Ragged Mountain Resort Logo

Ragged Mountain Launches Free Learn to Ski and Snowboard Program
Mission: Affordable offers 3 free lessons per person including lift tickets and rentals

DANBURY, NEW HAMPSHIRE – They say things that seem too good to be true usually are, but that is apparently not the case at Ragged Mountain Resort this year. Starting December 10th, Ragged Mountain will be the only ski area in New England offering a free learn to ski and ride program which runs for the whole season.

Named after one of Ragged Mountain’s first ski instructors, the Bebe Wood Free Learn to Ski & Ride Program is designed for first time skiers and snowboarders who are looking to get into the sport with no risk to their wallet. Each participant can take three free beginner group lessons at any time during the season, and the lessons include free lower mountain lift tickets and free equipment rentals. The three lessons are designed to teach skills progressively, moving from one station to the next as a participant develops their skills and confidence.

“We wanted to give people a true introduction to skiing and snowboarding, and we named it after Bebe to honor someone who has been such an enduring and endearing member of our resort team for so long,” noted Terry Gregg, Ragged Mountain’s Learning Center Director. “Bebe has been here since day one encouraging folks to give this wonderful sport a try.” Now at the age of 90 and still one of the resort’s mountain hosts, Bebe says she is proud and honored to have the program named for her.

The Bebe Wood program will provide participants with three lessons, lower mountain lift tickets, and brand new rental gear from Rossignol – all for free. Lessons are available seven days a week, including holiday weeks, from 9 am to 1 pm. Each lesson will take approximately two hours. A team of experienced instructors, dedicated just to the Free Learn to Ski Program, will ensure participants’ first visit to a ski resort is the best experience possible.

“I learned how to ski at the age of four because my parents wanted to get the whole family involved in a winter activity, and downhill skiing was an affordable sport the entire family could enjoy,” explained Benjamin Hall, Marketing Manager at Ragged Mountain. “Now that I have my own family, it was hard to imagine trying to get us all into skiing or snowboarding because it has become pretty expensive in the years since I was a kid. That’s what Ragged Mountain has committed to change with our Mission: Affordable initiative. It’s the passion we have for winter sports that is helping to drive this. We want to get people up off their couches and outside enjoying winter.”

Renowned ski journalist Moira McCarthy has been writing about skiing for more than a decade, and in her opinion the comprehensive nature of the Bebe Wood program is both unprecedented and represents an exciting opportunity. “This is the best thing to happen to skiing in forever,” declared McCarthy when the program was announced. “I’m busy telling everyone I know who ever even considered skiing or riding about this program. It’s not only free, but convenient. Now is the time to learn!”

Participants must register in advance online at www.learntoskifree.com. They can choose to register for just their first lesson, or all three at the same time. They can register all three lessons for three consecutive days, or spread them out throughout the season.

After each lesson, anyone who wants to keep skiing or riding can purchase a Lower Mountain lift ticket and use of the Rossignol rental gear for only $20 for the rest of that day. To make it especially easy to stick with the sport, after graduating from the program, participants can purchase a season pass for only $69, good for the rest of the 2016/17 season.

Graduates of the three lesson program can also choose to purchase a brand new ski or snowboard package from Rossignol including skis, boots, bindings, and poles, or snowboard, boots, and bindings for only $299 for adults or $199 for juniors. These packages normally retail for $700 - $1000. Rossignol, one of the leading ski equipment manufacturers in the world, has partnered with Ragged Mountain to help make this kind of pricing possible because new skiers and snowboarders are the future of the sport.

“The question we keep getting now that the program has been launched and people are starting to catch wind of it is, ‘Is this too good to be true?’” stated Ryan Schramm, General Manager at Ragged Mountain. “I am so happy to tell folks there really isn’t a catch. It really is free, and it really is a comprehensive program. We truly wanted to introduce new people to the sport, and we understand in order to do so, we need to remove the hurdles which tend to be the cost of professional instruction and access to good equipment. Our goal is to turn participants into real skiers and riders for a lifetime, and we obviously hope they have a great experience here and choose to make Ragged Mountain their go-to ski area.”

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Located in Danbury, New Hampshire just 98 miles from downtown Boston, Ragged Mountain Resort is situated on 2,100 acres on beautiful Ragged Mountain in the Lake’s Region. Ragged Mountain has 57 named ski trails, miles of hiking trails on-site, and plans for further expansion.

Ragged Mountain’s Mission: Affordable program offers three initiatives to help make skiing and snowboarding affordable for everyone from families to college students: 1) season passes for unlimited skiing and snowboarding range from $249 to $449 depending on the time of year they are purchased, 2) a comprehensive and free 3-lesson learn to ski or ride program that includes lessons, lift tickets, and equipment rental, and 3) a $25 credit towards next year’s season pass for anyone who refers a new participant to the Bebe Wood Free Learn to Ski & Ride Program once they complete the three lessons.

To make it easy for graduates of the program to continue with their new found sport, Mission: Affordable provides a season pass for the rest of the first year for only $69 and a season pass for the following year for only $199. Graduates of the 3-lesson program are also offered the opportunity to purchase a brand new Rossignol ski equipment package of skis, bindings, boots, and poles or a Rossignol snowboard equipment package of a snowboard, bindings, and boots for $299 for adults and $199 for kids. The equipment package is made possible by a partnership between Ragged Mountain and Rossignol, one of the world’s leading snow sports equipment manufacturers.

In addition to introducing Mission: Affordable for the 2016-2017 season, Ragged Mountain increased the capacity of their snowmaking reservoir from approximately 4 million gallons to approximately 20 million gallons. In the past decade, Ragged Mountain has also invested in hundreds of new high efficiency snow guns, added a high speed quad chair, and added slope-side and nearby lodging options.

For more information on Ragged Mountain, please visit www.raggedmountainresort.com

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Program offers affordable season passes and a Free Learn to Ski & Ride Program

DANBURY, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Ragged Mountain Resort has changed its business model and in doing so has made a clear statement that it wants skiing and snowboarding to be accessible to the majority of New Englanders through a program called MISSION: AFFORDABLE. Ryan Schramm, General Manager at Ragged Mountain, explained the logic behind the change in strategy, “There is a cost barrier for many people in getting into the sports of skiing and snowboarding and in staying with the sports as their families grow.” Over the past decade, the ski industry has seen the price of skiing increase significantly with prices of over $100 for a single adult day lift ticket at some resorts. “At that level, skiing and riding is no longer a sport many people in New England can enjoy. We want to change that,” Schramm proclaimed.

MISSION: AFFORDABLE is comprised of two main offers. The first component is the lowest priced season pass price available at a full service resort in New England. Until September 15th, a full season pass to Ragged Mountain is $299, compared to full season pass prices ranging from $579 to over $1,000 at other ski resorts in the region. For comparison purposes, a “full season pass” means the pass is useable every day the mountain is open throughout the 2016 / 17 season. In other words, there are no “black-out dates” when the pass cannot be used as is common with other lower priced season passes. After September 15th, the price of a Mission: Affordable season pass at Ragged Mountain will increase to $349 and that price will be available until the 31st of October. Starting November 1st, the season pass price will be $449. Season passes can be purchased by either visiting the Ragged Mountain website, or calling the resort.

The second component of the MISSION: AFFORDABLE program is designed to help introduce people who have never tried skiing or snowboarding to the sports by offering a three lesson Free Learn to Ski or Ride program. Named after one of Ragged’s first ski instructors, the Bebe Wood’s Free Learn to Ski & Ride program presented by Rossignol is designed to help people learn to ski or snowboard over the course of three lessons at no cost to them. Ragged Mountain will provide three lessons and the corresponding lift tickets during the lesson and the rental of ski or snowboard equipment at no cost to the participant. Ragged Mountain is the only resort in the country to offer a lesson program for free all season long.

“The goal of our new Bebe Wood’s Free Learn to Ski & Ride program is to break down the barriers of cost, equipment, and learning and therefore introduce tons of new folks to the joys of controlled sliding on snow,” noted Terry Gregg, Ragged Mountain’s Ski School Director. “We have partnered with Rossignol who is gracious enough to be backing Ragged Mountain in this exciting endeavor, and in exchange we will be featuring all new Rossignol equipment. Plus, with our terrain based, graduated ‘learn at your own pace’ process, we foresee this program being revolutionary for the industry in terms of converting more young families, couples, and individuals in to the sport.” To ensure an adequate student to instructor ratio, participants must register in advance on www.learntoskifree.com.

To help recruit more first timers to skiing and snowboarding, Ragged Mountain is offering a $25 credit towards next year’s season pass to anyone who refers a new participant to the Free Learn to Ski & Ride program once the three lessons are completed. “Most people are introduced to the sport of skiing by a friend or family member,” Ben Hall, Ragged Mountain’s Marketing Manager acknowledged, “So we want to give experienced skiers and riders a little extra incentive to bring more people into our sport and to our ski area. And, Ragged Mountain is just happy to bring skiing and riding back to its days of glory in New England, when a family of four could afford to spend the weekend at the ski resort enjoying the fresh winter mountain air.”

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Located in Danbury, New Hampshire just 98 miles from downtown Boston, Ragged Mountain Resort is situated on 2,100 acres in the beautiful White Mountains. Ragged Mountain has 57 named ski trails, miles of hiking trails on-site, and extensive plans for further expansion. Ragged Mountain was purchased in 2007 by Salt Lake City based developer Pacific Group. Since the purchase of Ragged Mountain, Pacific Group has invested more than $20 million in improvements and expansion with the ultimate goal of developing a year round resort with residential and second home properties. Improvements to date include a new detachable high speed quad up Spear Peak in 2014, building 3 new slope-side Cardigan Cabins, and purchasing the New Hampshire Mountain Inn located only minutes from the mountain.

For more information on Ragged Mountain, please visit www.raggedmountainresort.com

Over the past 25 years, Salt Lake City based Pacific Group and its affiliates have been instrumental in the development and/or construction at numerous leading mountain resort properties including Whistler in British Columbia, Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley in California, Copper Mountain in Colorado, and Solitude Resort in Utah. Additionally, Pacific Group has been active in commercial real estate acquisition, development, and construction with over 1,000 successfully completed projects. These projects include some of the top resort properties in North America plus student housing, commercial office buildings, retail stores and centers, industrial business parks, multi-family urban condominium properties, and master planned resort communities. An affiliate of Pacific Group, Pacific Group Resorts, Inc., manages Ragged Mountain and also owns and operates Wisp Resort in Maryland, Wintergreen Resort in Virginia, and Mount Washington Alpine Resort in British Columbia, Canada.

For more information on Pacific Group, please visit www.pgc.us

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Wisp Resort Logo

Over $1.5 Million in Renovations launches a Rebranded Hotel

Deep Creek Lake, MD (November 7, 2016) – As part of a 3 year $3.7 million renovation, Wisp Resort recently announced a rebranding of the Wisp Resort Hotel which will hence forth be known as The Lodge at Wisp. The renovation project on the hotel began in the Fall of 2015 and will continue thru Spring 2018.

The Lodge at Wisp will welcome guests with significant changes and improvements to both the interior and exterior of the property. The upgrades are designed to give the hotel guests a heightened resort experience with more contemporary accommodations, new outdoor gathering spaces, and an overall more modern and functional design.

The 169 room slope side hotel began the major overhaul in the Fall of 2015 and to date over $1.5 million of the work has been completed. The exterior changes include a new entrance featuring a Porte Cocherè that creates a grand sense of arrival to the resort by welcoming guests with an outdoor gas fireplace, a timber-frame structure with stacked stone façade and thoughtful lighting. The new entrance surroundings are enhanced with landscaping highlighted by a dramatic waterfall, benches and a pergola walkway. The hotel exterior received a fresh coat of paint in a new color palate of earthy tones to match the Porte Cocherè.

Interior renovations include a redesigned and updated Front Desk and Check-in Area to compliment the new entrance. 100 rooms on all six floors in the Tower Section of the hotel have been renovated with freshly painted walls, new wall coverings, artwork featuring local photography, modern bedroom and living area furnishings, plush bed linens, new mattresses as well as upgraded lighting and fixtures. Sixteen new Business Class King Suites have been introduced into the guest room mix. The remaining 69 rooms on three floors in the Lodge Section of the hotel received all new mattresses with plans to complete the renovation of that portion of the rooms by Spring 2018.

Currently in progress at The Lodge at Wisp are upgrades to conference rooms, new audio visual equipment, a new fitness center, exterior signage, courtyards with fire pits and enhanced landscaping features. Construction on the current work will be completed in time for ski season. Work will continue in the spring on an additional courtyard on the east side of the hotel plus renovations to the lobby and a new front porch for the hotel.

Wisp Resort is Maryland’s only all-season ski, golf and recreation resort, overlooking Deep Creek Lake from Marsh Mountain in the heart of Garrett County, the state’s westernmost county. With more than 65 miles of shoreline, Deep Creek Lake is Maryland’s largest freshwater lake. Wisp Resort offer 172 acres of skiable terrain along with a Mountain Park for snow tubing, mountain coaster and ice skating and a Nordic Center for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Spring, summer and fall feature a long list of outdoor recreation including three canopy tour zip lines, segway tours, archery, orienteering, chairlift rides, mountain coaster, paddleboard and kayak rentals, downhill mountain biking, gem mining and disc golf. Groups gather in Wisp Resort’s 40,000 sq ft of function space for meetings, conferences, retreats, reunions and weddings.

For more information about Wisp Resort, call 844.259.0267 or visit the website at www.wispresort.com.


wispresort.com     296 Marsh Hill Road, McHenry, MD 21541     844.259.0267

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Ragged On A Mission, Summer 2016

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Mount Washington Resort Logo

Fun, flowy, smooth and fast is the new mantra

COMOX VALLEY, VANCOUVER ISLAND – Mount Washington Alpine Resort announced lift-served mountain biking would open for the summer season on July 15th after a three year hiatus. “We have been anxious to bring mountain biking back to Mount Washington, but with the deep snow from last winter, we had to wait to get to the top of the runs. Our trail crew shoveled the final remnants of snow off the bike park terrain last week, so we will be able to finish the earthwork and open our Park with some new trails and some old favourites, and we will be opening it in amazing shape,” explained Mount Washington’s Bike Park Manager, Mike Manara.

Mount Washington's Bike Park will be open six days a week from 11:30am to 5:30pm. On Thursdays, the Bike Park will extend the hours until 7pm so more riders can get on the trails after work. Don Sharpe, Director of Business Operations at the resort, touted the Thursday evening lift service, “With the longer daylight hours, it’s really nice to be able to get up during the week and get some riding in later in the day. Those evenings will also feature specials in the restaurant, so it should make for a great way to get the most out of the prime biking season.”

“We are taking a little different approach to the trails this year based on changes in mountain bikes and riding techniques which have occurred just over the past few years. We will have a number of new or renovated downhill trails plus 10 kilometers of cross-country mountain biking trails, and they will all have a smoother flow from one feature to the next and be more integrated into the terrain than in the past,” noted Manara. “This new version of the Mount Washington Bike Park will give riders of all abilities and tastes something to enjoy. It’s all about fun and flowy.”

The Bike Park will open with up to six trails, and more trails will be added during the summer. Among the highlights are the “Green Line,” which is the resort’s easiest downhill trail. It is the longest uninterrupted mountain bike descent on Vancouver Island and all levels of bikers will have fun riding it. The venerable “Back in Black” will re-open with the lower part of the trail having been reengineered by its original builder, Tony Radomi.

Manara seemed particularly pleased to introduce two new trails. One is his trail crew’s newest flow trail, and the other is the resort’s first cross-country trial. “We have reclaimed and rebuilt some of our past trail system and added in a number of new sections to create a new blue flow trail for intermediate riders named Hwy 19,” Manara announced. In addition, after numerous hikes sourcing out a cross country mountain biking trail, the “Finger Trail” will be designated as the first XC trail in the Bike Park. It is a loop that takes riders out to a spectacular view of the Beaufort Range after a ride past lakes and tall evergreens.

Once Mount Washington’s Bike Park is open for the season, the trail crew will spend time maintaining the existing trails while continuing to rebuild some of the original trails on the mountain and creating a few new trails. Next up on the build list for the trail crew are “Helter Skelter,” a black technical trail, and “Time Warp,” a black flow trail. Each currently has a machine and full crew working on them. Once that work is complete, another one and a half kilometers of blue trail will be added to extend an existing trail. As time and weather permit, the trail crew will then tackle the technical “Monster Mile” downhill trail off the Eagle lift before finishing the summer by adding another blue flow trail and another XC trail.

“We are very pleased to welcome mountain bikers back next week,” said Mount Washington’s General Manager, Peter Gibson. “The effort the trail crew has put in for the last thirty days is astounding, and it shows in the quality of the trails that are ready to ride.”

The Mount Washington Bike Park will open every day from July 15th until September 5th (weather permitting) and for an additional three weekends in September. Accommodation packages, lessons, bike rentals and guided rides are all available. For more information go to www.mountwashington.ca.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort is located just 30 minutes from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and hosts over 300,000 visits per year. In the winter guests enjoy five chairlifts and five carpet lifts accessing over 1,700 acres and 1,657 vertical feet of alpine terrain. The resort also has 55 kilometers of designated cross-country skiing and 25km of snowshoeing trails along with a dedicated Nordic lodge.

Summer activities at Mount Washington include lift-accessed mountain biking, a new quad bungy trampoline, Mile High scenic chairlift rides, disc golf, miniature golf, boardwalk chess and checkers, shopping and dining. The resort also plays host to over 30 weddings per year plus numerous group and corporate events.

Off-island visitors can use WestJet, Air Canada, Central Mountain Air, and Pacific Coastal Airlines which provide air service to the Comox Valley Airport (YQQ) or they can fly right into Comox Marina via Harbour Air. Additional carriers serving the Victoria Airport (YYJ) include Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines out of Seattle.

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Ragged Mountain Resort Logo

Ragged Mountain Resort Expands Snowmaking Capacity Five-Fold

DANBURY, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Ragged Mountain Resort received its alteration of terrain permit this week and immediately began construction on a large scale project to add water storage to increase snowmaking capacity five-fold. As the machinery started to rumble and large back loaders dug into what will be the expansion of an old snowmaking pond, Ragged Mountain General Manager, Ryan Schramm explained, “This expansion will add 20 million gallons to the current 4 million gallon pond allowing us to more readily open terrain in the early season so we can help out Mother Nature when we need to.” The new 24 million gallon pond will feed into an existing 10 million gallon pond at the base of the mountain.

Along with the expansion of the snowmaking pond, Schramm also addressed some other improvements on hill to enhance the snowmaking capabilities. “We have installed several new pipes on key trails this summer, creating a more efficient system so our team can make snow on beginner terrain that is essential in the early season and for our new Free Learn to Ski Program.”

Ben Hall, Director of Marketing at Ragged Mountain, added, “For years Ragged Mountain has been known by the locals as the place to go for its variety of terrain: top-to-bottom beginner trails, open cruiser runs, and expert glades. When it snows, this place is hard to beat. The major increase in snowmaking capacity will help us provide the classic New England ski experience when the snow isn’t falling and in the early parts of the season. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all still going to be doing our snow dance this year to appease Ullr and the other snow gods,” Hall noted, “But, we also want to stack the odds in our favor, just in case our dance isn’t enough.”

# # #

Located in Danbury, New Hampshire just 98 miles from downtown Boston, Ragged Mountain Resort is situated on 2,100 acres in the beautiful White Mountains. Ragged Mountain has 57 named ski trails, miles of hiking trails on-site, and plans for further expansion.

Ragged Mountain was purchased in 2007 by Salt Lake City based developer Pacific Group. Since the purchase of Ragged Mountain, Pacific Group has invested millions in improvements and expansion with the ultimate goal of developing a year round resort with residential and second home properties. Improvements to date include the purchase of a couple hundred new snowmaking guns, installation of a new detachable high speed quad up Spear Peak, building the new slope-side Cardigan Cabins, and purchasing the New Hampshire Mountain Inn located only minutes from the mountain.

For more information on Ragged Mountain, please visit www.raggedmountainresort.com

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Pacific Group Resorts to lease and operate Wintergreen

PARK CITY, UTAH – EPR Properties (EPR: NYSE,) a real estate investment trust (REIT) purchased the assets of Wintergreen Resort in conjunction with its operator for the property, Pacific Group Resorts, Inc. Wintergreen is about 45 minutes southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia. Pacific Group Resorts will lease the property from EPR and manage the resort.

Hank Thiess, General Manager of Wintergreen Resort and a longtime industry veteran, expressed his enthusiasm for the transaction, “I’ve been in this industry for over 30 years and I’ve known the leadership of Pacific Group Resorts for over 20 years. They have tons of experience in this industry at some of the most iconic resorts in the West. My management team and I are excited for the possibilities this partnership will bring to our members and guests.”

“Wintergreen has great facilities,” noted Mark K. Fischer, speaking on behalf of Pacific Group Resorts. “Between ski, golf, tennis, and meeting space, Wintergreen is an active year round playground, and it is right next to the Shenandoah National Forest, so it is one of the most beautiful resorts in the eastern U.S. We are very much looking forward to helping the staff deliver the best possible guest experiences.”

Pacific Group Resorts also owns Ragged Mountain in New Hampshire, and worked in concert with EPR to acquire Wisp Resort in Western Maryland in 2012. EPR Properties’ total investment portfolio exceeds $3.9 billion and the company adheres to rigorous underwriting and investing criteria centered on key industry and property level cash flow standards.

In commenting about potential changes and opportunities at Wintergreen, Fischer remarked, “The executive team at PGRI has a broad base of experience in mountain resort operations and in the master planning and development of ski resorts. We hope to work with the management team at Wintergreen to maximize the customer experience through a combination of meticulous planning and operating enhancements and efficiencies. The people at Wintergreen are top notch, and we are delighted to be working with them on the possibilities for growth here.”

The new buyers purchased Wintergreen from James C. Justice of West Virginia. Justice had acquired the resort in the summer of 2012 and had injected capital into the property to make improvements and to stabilize the operations. Pacific Group Resorts intends to work with the staff and with property owners in the area to see how they can make it an even more enjoyable place to visit.

# # #

About Wintergreen Resort: Wintergreen Resort is an 11,000-acre, four-season resort located in the Blue Ridge Mountains southwest of Charlottesville, Va. This beautiful hideaway is the ultimate vacation and conference spot. Nearly 230 condominium-style accommodations, 45 holes of championship golf, snow skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing an award-winning tennis program a full-service, destination spa 40,000 square feet of meeting and event space, and savory dining options comprise the year round resort. The resort is located adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway in beautiful central Virginia near Charlottesville, just 90 minutes from Richmond, Va., three hours from Washington, D.C. and Raleigh, N.C., five and a half hours from Philadelphia, and eight hours from Atlanta. For more information, guests can call (434) 325-2200 or visit the resort’s web site at www.wintergreenresort.com.

About EPR Properties: EPR Properties (EPR: NYSE) is a specialty real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in properties in select market segments which require unique industry knowledge, while offering the potential for stable and attractive returns. Our total investments exceed $3.9 billion and our primary investment segments are Entertainment, Recreation and Education. We adhere to rigorous underwriting and investing criteria centered on key industry and property level cash flow standards. We believe our focused niche approach provides a competitive advantage, and the potential for higher growth and better yields. Further information is available at www.eprkc.com.

About Pacific Group Resorts: Pacific Group Resorts (PGRI) now operates three ski and snowboard resorts and four golf courses, and senior management of the company has a combined 60 years of executive or ownership experience in the industry. PGRI is an affiliate of Pacific Group which has built and developed signature base facilities and villages at Whistler in British Columbia, Mammoth and Squaw Valley in California, Solitude and Snow Basin in Utah, Jackson Hole in Wyoming and Copper Mountain in Colorado in addition to a wide range of other commercial properties in 27 states. www.pgri.us

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British Columbia ski area becomes the fourth in the portfolio

COMOX VALLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Mount Washington Alpine Resort on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (MWAR) was purchased by a Canadian subsidiary of Pacific Group Resorts, Inc. (PGRI), a multi resort holding company headquartered in Park City, Utah. The sale was announced today and includes all of the Alpine and Nordic skiing terrain and operations and most of the development land near and around the base of the resort. The current ownership group will retain two development parcels.

Peter Gibson, General Manager of Mount Washington Alpine Resort, noted, “George Stuart and his ownership group have invested a tremendous amount of money and energy into Mount Washington over the past 25 years. They built something to be proud of, but George is 74, and he’s decided it’s time to retire from the ski industry.”

Gibson continued, “We are looking forward to working with PGRI to take Mount Washington to the next level with improvements like snowmaking where they have a strong background.” Mount Washington will be the fourth resort in Pacific Group Resort’s current portfolio. PGRI’s other resorts are in the eastern U.S. and have virtually 100% snowmaking coverage.

Pacific Group Resorts’ President and CEO, Vern Greco, explained, “We’ve been working on the transition of the resort to our ownership for a couple years now. It finally worked out that this was the right time, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to add Mount Washington to our portfolio.”

Greco said he expected the staff and daily ops would remain largely unchanged from previous years, but he indicated one of the priorities would be to add snowmaking infrastructure at the resort. Mount Washington historically has been one of the snowiest resorts in Canada with a long term average of over 450 inches of snow annually. The past two ski seasons have been below the historical trends helping to explain why virtually all significant ski resorts in North America now have snowmaking infrastructure to provide confidence to skiers who want to be able to rely on good conditions.

Greco added, “We are very happy to be working with Peter Gibson and his management group. They are industry pros, and we’re proud to have them join our team. Peter started working at Mt. Washington Alpine Resort clearing ski runs with a chainsaw in 1978, a year before it opened for skiing. He’s been a part of helping this resort grow from the very beginning.”

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Pacific Group Resorts (PGRI) now operates four ski and snowboard resorts and four golf courses, plus numerous other resort activities such as adventure parks with mountain coasters, canopy tours, ropes courses, tubing, and lift served mountain biking and hiking trails. The company’s Wisp Resort has a state of the art man-made white water rafting course at the top of the mountain which hosted the 2014 World Championships for kayaking and canoeing. www.pgri.us

PGRI operates the four season Wisp Resort in the Appalachian Mountains of western Maryland and the year round Wintergreen Resort in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains under long term leases with a publicly traded REIT, EPR Properties (NYSE: EPR). PGRI runs the ski operations of Ragged Mountain Resort in New Hampshire’s White Mountains under a management contract and owns and operates Mount Washington Alpine Resort on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island.

PGRI is an affiliate of Pacific Group which has built and developed signature base area facilities and real estate projects at Whistler in British Columbia, at Mammoth and Squaw Valley in California, at Solitude and Snow Basin in Utah, at Jackson Hole in Wyoming and at Copper Mountain in Colorado. Pacific Group has also developed master planned communities such as the 14,000 acre Wolf Creek Ranch east of Park City, Utah.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort, located just 20 minutes from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is the Island’s only full service ski and summer resort hosting approximately 300,000 visits per year. The guests enjoy five chairlifts and five carpet lifts accessing over 1,700 acres and 1,657 vertical feet of alpine terrain. The resort also has 55 kilometers of designated cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails along with a dedicated Nordic lodge. www.mountwashington.ca

Summer activities at Mount Washington include scenic chairlift rides, disc golf, miniature golf, boardwalk chess and checkers, and dining. The resort also plays host to over 30 weddings per year plus numerous group and corporate events.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort was opened in 1979 by two Campbell River businessmen, Henry Norie and Alex Linton. In 1989, the founders sold their interests to George Stuart and a group of shareholders who invested into the resort by upgrading lifts, adding terrain and base area buildings, and investing in infrastructure and roads. Twenty-five years later, Mr. Stuart’s group sold the resort and most of the developable land near the base area to a Canadian subsidiary of Pacific Group Resorts, Inc.

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